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Information Technology project Management (TID3073) is a course that introduce information technology (IT) project management principles, tools, and techniques.  In this course, student will understand the role of a project management, and how to set and manage client expectations, develop a list of key tasks, assign responsibilities, track progress and get progress updates. 

This course required student to manage an IT project to benefit rural community in four different sectors which are palm oil, paddy, rubber trees, and fisherman.  We have decided to choose paddy sector as our project.  The name of our project is Paddy Information System.  We choose to develop a blog which can give information about the paddy disease.

The purpose of this project is to give information regarding the paddy disease and give tips how to solve that problem.  We are focusing on paddy disease because it will give a big impact to the profitability of the villagers.  Besides that, we want to increase the usage of ICT in rural areas.

These are the team developers who  develop this blog:

·         Noraini bt Alias (Project Manager)

·         Nor Alwani bt Ismail (Team Member)

·         Norsalmiha bt Mat Dali (Team Member)

·         Muhammad Yusof bin Zainuddin (Team Member)

·         Khaziani bt Muhamad (Team Member)

Our target community is from the area which is paddy as a main sources of that village. In order to develop this blog, we choose the farmers of Kampung Alor Binjal as our target communities.


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